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Introducing the all new VNX+ I/O Carrier, VNX+ PSU, and VNX+ System: A New Era of Scalability and Flexibility in Embedded Computing

Trident Unveils among the first VNX+ Solutions for Demanding Applications in Defence, Aerospace, and Industrial Markets

Last week, Trident, an established provider of embedded computing solutions, announced the launch of three products supporting new small factor standard VNX+ (Vita90) : the VNX+ I/O Carrier, VNX+ PSU, and VNX+ System. These cutting-edge solutions are designed to meet the growing demands of defence, aerospace, and industrial applications, offering unparalleled scalability and flexibility.

As a product marketing manager, I am thrilled to share the key features and benefits of these new products, which are set to revolutionize the embedded computing landscape.

VNX+ I/O Carrier

Enhanced Connectivity and Customization

I/O Carrier

The VNX+ I/O Carrier brings flexibility in the world of embedded computing, offering a highly customizable platform for system integrators. With its modular design, the VNX+ I/O Carrier enables users to easily configure and adapt their systems to meet specific application requirements. This flexibility allows for seamless integration with a wide range of I/O modules, ensuring optimal performance and connectivity.


Robust Power Supply for Demanding Environments


The VNX+ PSU is a high-performance power supply unit designed to withstand the most challenging environments. With its rugged construction and advanced power management features, the VNX+ PSU ensures reliable operation in extreme temperatures, high shock and vibration conditions, and other harsh environments. This robust power supply solution is ideal for mission-critical applications where system stability and reliability are paramount.

VNX+ System

Scalable and Modular Embedded Computing Solution


The VNX System is a integrated & ready-to-use COTS embedded computing platform that combines the power of the VNX+GPGPU or VNX+SBC, VNX+ I/O Carrier, VNX+ PSU, or any other modules as per the requirement in a compact, modular form factor. This pre-configured system offers unparalleled scalability, allowing users to easily expand and adapt their systems as their needs evolve. With its advanced thermal management and rugged design, the VNX+ System is built to withstand the most demanding applications and environments.

In conclusion, the launch of the VNX+ I/O Carrier, VNX+ PSU, and VNX+ System marks a new era in embedded computing, offering unprecedented levels of customization, scalability, and reliability. As a product marketing manager, I am excited to see how these innovative solutions will empower our customers to tackle the most challenging applications in the defence, aerospace, and industrial markets.

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