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  • High Performance Embedded Computers (HPEC)
  • High Performance Embedded Computing Software

High Performance Computing Hardware

    Intel: Core i7, Xeon-E3, Xeon-D, Xeon-E5/E7

  • Freescale (now NXP): T208x
  • High speed data interface and protocol {PCle Gen3, 10/40GbE, lnfiniband)

    I/O Connectivity for HPEC

  • RDMA Over Ethernet (iWARP): Low latency, High throughput, Zero copy capability, OS/Stack bypass
  • Multiware: Seamless PCle data management in multiprocessor system.
  • QPI, allows multiple server-class Xeon processors to be linked into a single SMP processing architecture

  • Micro Via Radial Interconnect (MVRI) technology has improved OpenVPX switch fabric interconnect data rates by three-fold, enabling switch fabrics and point-to-point connections to run faster and more reliably.

    3U/6U VPX Module Agnostic Cooling

  • Air Cooling can handle up to a around 200W per module
  • Conduction Cooling can handle up to a around 150W per module
  • Air Flow-by Cooling can handle up to a around 200W per module
  • Common to ALL these solutions is just one PWA

High Performance Embedded Computing Software

  • Freescale QorlQ P-Series & T-Series, MPC8640D Multi-Core Processors (AMP, SMP)
  • On-Board 4-Port GbE Switch, Multi-Protocol Serial Port s, up to 16GB on-board Flash, GPIOs
  • 2 x PMC/XMC Expansion Sites, Watchdog, Timer Counters, Temperature Sensors
  • Embedded Linux, VxWorks, Integrity, LynxOS Support
  • BIT (Built-In Test) Software & Fabric Configuration Management Tools
  • Commercial, Rugged Air Cooled, & Conduction Cooled Build Grades
  • On-Board User Programmable FPGA-Option
  • Flexible user 10 Routing-Flex 1O-Option
  • Platform: cPCI, VME, OpenVPX