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  • SPx Development is a package that supports the development of custom server and client radar applications.
  • SPx Server for Target Tracking, provides the functions of radar recording, network distribution of radar video, plot extraction and target tracking.
  • SPx Fusion Server, for the fusion of primary and/or secondary (AIS, IFF, ADS-B) sources.
  • SPx Radar Simulator, for the simulation of primary radar video, along with secondary sources and navigation data.
  • Radar View Radar Visualization, for the visualization of primary radar video, along with graphics and secondary data .
  • ASD-100 Air Situation Display, An integrated display application for the acquisition, display and tracking of primary and IFF targets.
  • RDR Data Recorder, record and replay application for primary radar video, tracks, AIS, ADS-B, video, navigation data, screen capture and other network data formats.
  • VSD Security Display, for the processing and display of radar and camera video, including camera control, slew-to-cue and integrated radar and video tracking.