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  • Static Analysis
  • Unit Testing
  • Code Coverage Analysis

Static Analysis

Static analysis tools prevent defects and expose vulnerabilities

  • Increase productivity with the industry’s broadest set of static analysis technologies
  • Focus DevTest efforts on what’s most important to the business
  • Eliminate defects fast with prioritized findings, workflow triggers
  • Gain unparalleled insight through advanced software analytics
  • Broad support for languages and regulations: Security | C/C++ | Java | .NET | FDA | Safety-critical

Unit Testing

Covers Unit test case creation, execution, optimization, management, coverage

  • Rapidly build a high-coverage test suite
  • Easily extend and customize generated tests
  • Expose functional problems and crash-causing defects
  • Remove barriers to creating/maintaining robust test suites
  • Integrated with static analysis, code review and more

Code Coverage Analysis

Integrate coverage tracking from unit-level through application-level tests

  • Measure multiple metrics, including line, statement, block, path, decision (branch), simple condition, and MC/DC coverage
  • Generate and optimize test cases to increase coverage
  • Document coverage for FDA and safety-critical with robust reporting
  • Integrated with static analysis, unit testing, code review, and other Development Testing practices