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FavoWeb FRACAS is a complete web-based Failure Reporting, Analysis & Corrective Acton System (FRACAS) application with one server installation and unlimited users’ access via the web. FavoWeb is designed to meet your specific workflow and can be easily configured to support your data collection procedures, your work processes, your business rules, your specific reports and any desired statistical analysis.

FavoWeb was adopted by world leading organizations who have been able to implement for the first time ever, a FRACAS application which seamlessly communicates with any given ERP system (SAP, ORACLE, MFGpro etc), while proving a user friendly, flexible yet robust failure management, analysis and corrective action platform.

Features and Benefits

Saving of direct and indirect costs by the proper handling and investigation of problems followed by appropriate corrective action

  • Visibility of reliability performance problems
  • Initiation of continuous reliability improvement process
  • Effectiveness of corrective actions control and linkage to results
  • Expedient engineering effort to resolve problems
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Knowledge base of a history of problems and lessons learned that help to avoid similar occurrences.