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  • Integrated Development Environment
  • Compliers
  • Hardware Debug Probes

Integrated Development Environment

Quickly develop, thoroughly debug, completely test, and fully optimize embedded and real-time applications. Whether pinpointing a hard-to-find bug, resolving a memory leak, or maximizing system performance - our IDEs consistently work.

  • Find and fix bugs faster
  • Boost productivity
  • Easily debug process start-up code
  • Pinpoint performance bottlenecks
  • Debug embedded Linux
  • Handle breakpoints with minimum performance cost
  • Multicore Debugging
  • Functional safety confidence
Operating systems support - INTEGRITY RTOS, µ-velOSity RTOS, Linux, ThreadX, VxWorks, OSE, Windows , Solaris


The pace of microprocessor innovation continues to accelerate, application developers can rely on compiler to unlock hardware's full potential and realize maximum performance and functional safety in their next generation applications.

Our Optimizing Compilers have led the embedded industry by generating the fastest, smallest, and most reliable code.

  • Maximize performance - Generate fast er, smaller code
  • Various languages support - C/C++, Ada, Embedded C++, GNU C/C++ extensions
  • Find bugs automatically- Integrated Static Analyzer
  • Ensure safety & security - certified to meet the highest levels of tool qualification and C/C++ runtime certification
  • Lower production cost, faster time-to-market
  • Broad processor support - All major 32 and 64-bit architectures are supported.

Run-control and Trace Features
  • Broad Target Support
  • RTOS awareness
  • Flexible Trace Clock
  • Variable Target Voltage
  • Multicore Debugging

Hardware Debug Probes

Fast & Capable JTAG/Trace Debug Probe

Technology overview

These probes are the fastest and most capable JTAG and trace debug probe. Its 4GB of high-speed trace memory and 40 Gbits/second aggregate bandwidth combine with the TimeMachine Debugging Suite to enable software developers to find and fix bugs faster, optimize quickly, and test with confidence.

Key features of the Probes include:

  • 4GB of high-speed trace memory with 40 Gbits/second of aggregate bandwidth
  • Supports the latest high-speed serial trace (HSST) protocols, including multiple 12.5Gb serial lanes
  • The fastest download speeds, capable of sustaining a 120MHz JTAG clock rate with nearly 100% data payload utilization
  • Supports all leading debug and trace interfaces on thousands of processors
  • Tight integration with the TimeMachine Debugging Suite
  • Offers sophisticated analysis tools for quickly locating key execution points in large datasets
  • LCD status screen for easy access to configuration settings, diagnostics and factory reset
  • USB host and power ports, Ethernet switch and port

Debug pods

The Probes can be configured to support parallel trace and JTAG target connections via the TE trace pod or serial trace targets via the High-Speed Serial Trace (HSST) pod.