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D-LCC: Life (LCC) analysis and Total Cost of Ownership evaluation are the basis for decision making for the wide range of industries and equipment: from IT systems to submarines. LCC analyzes the total ownership costs of various design alternatives and system's components over the projected life cycle of a system.

D-LCC (Decision by Life Cycle Cost) makes the LCC analysis easy and comprehensive. D-LCC is a key tool for managers, decision-makers, engineers, ILS personnel, and other staff involved in system acquisition, proposal writing, management, development, production and through-life support.

Features and Benefits

Saving of direct and indirect costs by the proper handling and investigation of problems followed by appropriate corrective action

  • Visibility of reliability performance problems
  • Initiation of continuous reliability improvement process
  • Effectiveness of corrective actions control and linkage to results
  • Expedient engineering effort to resolve problems
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Knowledge base of a history of problems and lessons learned that help to avoid similar occurrences.