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We offer a complete tool for modeling and simulation of integrated and complex system for use within automotive, aerospace, robotics and other applications with advantages including: Multi-engineering, intutive modeling, modelica - object oriented modeling language, open libraries, symbolic manipulation, animation and comprehensive model libraries. Our creator suite offers the most advanced modelica-based mathematical engine on the market.

Key Advantages

  • Multi-engineering. Compatible model libraries for many engineering fields enable high-fidelity modeling of complex integrated systems.
  • Intuitive modeling.
  • Modelica. A powerful, object-oriented and formally defined modeling language.
  • Open libraries. User can easily build own or adapt existing components to match unique needs.
  • Reuse. A causal, equation-oriented models allow a component to be used in different contexts and a model to be used for different studies.
  • Symbolic Manipulation. Relieves the user from converting equations to assignment statements or block diagrams. Simulations are more efficient and robust.
  • Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation (HILS). Real-time simulation on dSPACE and xPC.
  • Powerful Co-Simulation Options with full FMI support and interfaces to the SIMULUIA Tools Abaqus and iSight as well as Simulink.
  • Animation. Real-time 3D animation and import of CAD files.
  • Comprehensive model libraries.