Environmental Test Facility

A unit of Trident Infosol, is an NABL, AS 9100D and CEMILAC Certified Accredited Lab, providing Testing Services for Electro-Mechanical Units, Enclosures, Backplanes, Power Supply Modules, ATR’s etc. for Environmental Tests.

We are engaged in providing cutting edge, in Environmental Testing requirements for customers such as Research & Development, Defense & Military Organization, Aerospace & Various Industries for their Environmental testing requirements.

Our Test Lab is NABL Accredited vide Certificate TC-8567.


Why Choose Us

Our Testing facilities uses the Latest Technologies and best practices to deliver the correct testing result.

Our Standards

MIL-STD-810 / MIL-STD202G / MIL-STD-2164 / JSS 55555 /JSS 50101

Accurate and Professional

Identifying customer needs & providing correct test results


Enhance the customer satisfaction by reliable product testing.

Our Objectives

  • To enhance the customer satisfaction by product testing and delivery.
  • To achieve error free test reporting of > 90%
  • To maintain testing services for achieving high quality standards and timely completion of testing of products
  • To improve the technical expertise of test lab personal through periodic training
  • To ensure that requirement of ISO 17025 standards are communicated & understood by all team members
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    Environmental Facilities


    Electro Dynamic Vibration Shaker System

    1.5 Ton shaker, capable of Random Vibration, Sine Vibration & Shock Test for all profiles including that of MIL STD


    Two Climatic Chambers of 1 ㎥

    Capable of Temperature Tests ranging from -70° C to +180°C. with Rate of change of temperature: 5°C/min and humidity upto 95%


    Cold Chamber

    Capable of temperature test from ambient to - 40°C.


    Hot Air Oven

    capable of temperature ranging from Ambient to +200°

    About ETF

    We, at Trident Infosol have an integrated state-of-the-art design, development, manufacturing and testing facilities with extensive work-floor spanning over 35,000 sq. ft. Our sophisticated infrastructure is coupled with an array of advanced workstations, robust design & development tools (3DCAD,structural & thermal analysis, cabling, PCB and system design), cutting-edge computing and network systems. This provides an ideal and excellent environment for our skilled professionals to support large and mission critical applications of various customers.

    The sprawling integration labs help us combine our efforts in delivering fully integrated systems to our customers for their specific application requirements. Our advanced testing facilities include set-up for PCB inspection and backplane testing (SerDes), power supply testing, vibration & shock test, thermal(-70°C to+180°C).and humidity (upto 95% RH).

    With the environmental testing capabilities, under one roof, we provide expert services to all our customers enabling them to focus on their product / system development through its entire life-cycle. Environmental Test Facility, has evolved and continuously improved on Testing processes and quality management system culminating into an NABL accredited Testing Laboratory.


  • Provide our customers reliable & professional test results of products tested, thereby ensuring error free reporting complying with ISO / IEC 17025 standards / NABL standards, including statutory & regulatory requirements.
  • Ensure Impartiality in Product Testing
  • Strive to continually improve quality management, policy & procedures and to implement the same through active involvement of personal.
  • To be a test lab responsive to customers feedback and continually improve our quality in testing services with the International Standards and documentation.
  • Quality

  • Environmental Test Facility at Trident Infosol is an NABL, AS 9100D and CEMILAC certified lab which enables us to provide highest level of testing standards. Our testing facilities use the latest technologies and best practices to deliver the best testing result.