What We Do?

Recognizing the technological and economic challenges faced by the customers in today's competitive market place, We offer range of products, solutions and integration services for various applications meeting demanding environmental conditions.

Offering At A Glance



Trident's sales, support and application teams are ready to assist you with optimum project planning, customized application and technical support. Our technical support team consists of experienced engineers who are readily available to respond to your queries. This means that you can instantly get in contact with someone who understand your requirements and analyzes the problem and resolves it quickly.

Our engineering team has significant experience in device driver and support package development for various real time and embedded operating systems. We also provide tool packs for reliability study for mission-critical and safety-critical systems.

In addition to the above mentioned services, Customers can also benefit from the training modules conducted on application development tools and RTOS. These training modules can be customized to meet user requirements and cover both basic and advance courses. For more information kindly contact any of the trident offices where our executives will be pleased to help you.

Program Experience

  • Avionics
    Avionics Applications
  • Land
    Land Applications
  • Naval
    Naval Applications
  • Mobile & Shelter
    Mobile & Shelter Applications