Validation & Verification Solutions

Embedded software designs have become highly complex to develop, test and certify, especially those which are created for avionics and automotive systems. For instance, when an embedded control software is put in a device that are going to be shipped for millions of customers, we would need to ensure the innate quality of that software. Testing of the software of this nature and ensuring its quality is of utmost importance particularly when the product is an embedded system.

Ensuring that we build the right product and the product right is a core of Verification and validation process. Application of Verification and validation throughout the development process ensure that we find the design errors before they can derail the whole project. Development times can be reduced by half if we are able to eliminate problems using virtual testing much early in the project, as most of the system design errors are introduced in original specification, but are not detected until the test phase.

Trident Infosol offers various tools for verification and validation in the Embedded systems domain. These tools can be applied to Verification & Validation portfolios in various domain and comply with Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Medical, and Industrial Automation standards. They enable you to improve the overall quality and reliability of the software being developed.