Test & Measurment

Today Software is the key driver for all embedded systems. Trident offers a tightly integrated system development tool chain starting from requirement capture to integrated development environment, Compilers, Communication Middleware and more. In addition, there are a host of specialized tools for circuit simulation, Reliability Engineering, Multiprocessor DSP Development and Advanced tools for engineering complex control systems and HMI Development for Mission and safety critical application.

Electronic Test & Measurement

Aim-TTi designs and manufactures advanced electronic test and measurement equipment and laboratory power supplies. Our products are available to purchase throughout the world.

TTi Products are divided into four main groups:

* POWER SUPPLIES & LOADS Supplies(DC Power Supplies & Electronic Loads)
* WAVEFORM GENERATORS(Function, Pulse, Arbitary & Waveform Amplifiers)
* PRECISION MEASUREMENT(Multimeters, Frequency Counters, LCR Measurement & Current Probes)
* RF & EMC TEST EQUIPMENT(Spectrum Analyzers, RF Signal Generators & EMC Analyzers)

EPROM & Device Programmers

Professional users of EPROM Programmers & Universal device programmers have been coming to advin since 1986. The reason is not just because Advin pioneered in making EPROM programmers and universal device programmers, but rather their consistency in providing durable programmers along with good value.

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