SSD/HDD Mass Storage Modules

Storage space and swift access to information are the prime requisite of a hard drive. As information handling is crucial, it is important to select an appropriate storage device that holds the data and distribute it as needed. We offer a range of SSD/HDD Mass Storage Modules in industrial and MIL grade specification. It provides high-speed nonvolatile mass storage in capacities up to 512 GB for our customers from defense, aerospace and avionics, industrial and medical, factory automation and robotics, as well as transportation applications, telecommunications and Enterprise Systems.


Our product offerings and features:

  • XMC based SSD Module
  • Native High Speed PCIe Interface
  • Up to 512GB
  • No unique drivers required and Processor can boot from the solid-state drive
  • RAID Supported
  • Commercial, Rugged Air Cooled, & Conduction Cooled Build Grades
  • Embedded Windows, Linux, VxWorks, Support
  • The SSD/HDD mass storage modules find applications in various defense and military systems such as,

  • Aerospace & government systems
  • Unmanned airplanes and vehicles
  • Unmanned underwater vehicles
  • Flight data recorders / black boxes
  • Rugged laptops and rugged PCs
  • Disaster monitor/recovery systems
  • Outdoor harsh environment systems
  • such as land and oceanic oil fields
  • Train/ship/automotive systems
  • Public security systems
  • Enterprise servers, data centers
  • Super computers
  • Industrial PCs and embedded PCs
  • Mission critical mail servers
  • Telecom systems and sub-systems
  • Government servers and systems
  • Noise sensitive devices and systems Scientific research systems