Rugged Small Form Factor Embedded Computer

Trident Infosol has more than a decade of experience in designing Size, Weight, Power, and Cost (SWaP-C) optimized SFF embedded systems for military applications with stringent MIL-STD requirements for ground, avionics, and extreme rugged environments. Our Rugged small-form-factor embedded computer family of products is designed for harsh environments of military, aerospace and heavy industries. They address the challenging need for many space-constrained applications in Unmanned autonomous vehicles that are extensively used in the military, civil defense, agricultural, scientific, and other industrial areas. While our small form-factor (SFF) embedded computers are smaller in size, they are equipped with intelligent features promising higher levels of performance which makes it mightier. They are tested to withstand the kind of extreme shock, vibration, humidity, and temperature that aerospace and defense electronics systems are subjected to in common.

  • Falcon

    A hybrid SFF rugged computer system designed with maximum flexibility in mind. At its core is an intelligent midplane that supports standards based module sites such as COMe, XMC, SATA / NVMe SSD, MiniPCIe and the Plug-n-Play AcroPack.

  • Raptor

    A SFF COTS computer, based on the ANSI/VITA 74 (VNX) standard. The Raptor is available in a “3+2” (3x 19mm + 2x 12.5mm VNX modules) or a “2+1” (2x 19mm + 1x 12.5mm VNX modules) configuration.

  • Lanius

    Our smallest computer yet and able to fit in the palm of a hand at only 150mm (D) x 100mm (W) x 35mm (H) and less than a kilogram. The baseline configuration includes a Quad Core Atom @ 2.0Ghz, up to 1TB of FLASH, a MiniPCIe site for avionic I/O, and 1x DVI Output.

  • Osprey

    An off the shelf 3-5 slot 3U VPX COTS computer,predefined to include a CPU, video/graphic interfaces, avionic interface and storage; all integrated with no NRE. The Osprey is flexible and may support additional CPUs, I/O and other unique requirements.

  • Willet-N

    The Willet-N is a rugged ultra-SFF GPGPU AI SWaP Optimized Supercomputer, specially tailored for the avionic, military and rugged industrial market. It incorporates the powerful NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier-based AI SOM that provides 512 CUDA cores and 64 Tensor cores, reaching 32 TOPS (INT8) and 11 TFLOPS (FP16) at a remarkable level of energy efficiency.