Rugged Computers / Laptops / Tablets / Displays

Modern Industrial computers are built to with stand high temperatures, dust, chemicals and being dropped unlike their predecessors which have short lifespans. By the design, housing and military grade components, Industrial computers nowadays can with stand the harsh environment of industries like extreme temperature, shock and pressure.

Smaller, compact electronics are being required more and more for avionics, unmanned system payloads, missile systems, command and control systems, radios, and other military applications. Mostly because modern processing technology enables system designers to replace legacy systems with as much as 10 times the performance in the same size footprint. While reductions in Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) create performance enhancements they also create unique challenges in thermal management of high-powered processors, packaging, and other areas. Industry organizations such as VITA and PICMG have developed Small Form Factor (SFF) standards to meet these requirements at the board and system level.