RF Down Converter - Multi Processing Boards

RF down-converters are one-chip alternatives to discrete solutions, they are built to adhere to high-performance requirements of cellular base stations. They convert RF signal down to IF or baseband. They focus on safeguarding signal integrity for further digitizing and signal processing, enabling the end users to perform precise frequency translation. RF-down converters are flexible and highly integrated with low phase noise, high range, fine tuning steps, continuous broadband coverage and the capability to lock to a precise external reference source.

Capturing a signal is the first stage of the signal processing chain. In the RF space, the initial challenge is often detecting the signal. RF tuners help the sensor focus on a particular signal of interest before it ends or shifts to another frequency.

RF Down Converter

Our product offerings and features:

  • RF tuner, with input frequency range from 20Mhz to 4000Mhz on PMC/XMC or standalone
  • Integrated RF L-band tuner + A/D converter + Virtex-6 or Virtex-7 FPGA on PMC/XMC form fact