Radar Signal Processing

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Trident Infosol offers innovative and industry renowned radar solutions for emerging ground, air and maritime threats.

We provide open architecture Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) based solutions for mission computing, electronic warfare, radar and other ISR systems that are more capable, interoperable and affordable than ever before.

Requirement Management

Reqtify - an interactive application for managing requirement, traceability, and impact analysis across different systems, programs, and project levels. It can be used throughout the hardware and software development lifecycle.

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Radar System Design

MATLAB and Simulink - Radar system design, simulation, and analysis is complex because the design space spans the digital, analog, and RF domains. Modeling and simulation tools can improve all aspects of the radar system design workflow. 

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Acquire & Digitize

Our acquisition & digitization products are packed with critical radar features.

  • Programmable RFSoC
  • FPGAs
  • Timing

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    High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC) System delivers supercomputing processing performance in rugged, compact deployable system architectures optimized for harsh military environments.

  • High Performance Computing Software
  • High Performance Computing Hardware

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    Recording Systems

    Flexible & Deployable Solutions -

  • Ability to capture RF, IF signals, SFPDP, 10 & 40 GbE, LVDS
  • Radar & EW System Verification with Data Recorder and Playback System in Lab
  • Multi-channel phase-coherent signal acquisition for Direction finding, phase array radars, etc.

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    Radar Display

    Radar Scan Converter, Processing & Display

    SPx software - a collection of application and development libraries for primary radar capture, processing and display. SPx Development, SPx Server, SPx Fusion Server, SPx Radar Simulator, Radar View Radar Visualisation, ASD-100 Air Situation Display, RDR Data Recorder, VSD Security Display

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    Validation & Verification

    Our broad array of Development Testing capabilities help organizations reduce the time and effort needed to comply with aerospace and avionics industry standards, meet software assurance requirements, and detect defects and vulnerabilities.

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    Prototyping & Deployment

    We are a leading supplier of rugged systems and solutions optimized for harsh environments.

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    Reliability & Maintenance

    Development and operation of safe, reliable and easily maintainable systems are of prime importance.

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