Mezzanine Board (XMC/PMC/IP Modules)

Mezzanine boards are smaller daughter cards that get mounted on larger host cards, they provide flexibility and modularity as they handle large I/O functions required for military/aerospace applications. There are few Industry standards that are widely adopted in defining the Mezzanine products. Some of the standards in the embedded industry include XMC (Switched Fabric Mezzanine Card), PMC (PCI Mezzanine Card), IP (Industry Pack mezzanine) modules.The I/O requirements typically vary and changes and hence the ability to swap the mezzanine boards in the host system is an added advantage. This helps prevent hardware obsolescence as the core of the system is kept intact and only the mezzanine boards are changed or added as per the requirements. This advantage encourages provisioning Mezzanine sites in virtually every 6U VMEbus and CompactPCI CPU board.

Trident Infosol offer Mezzanine boards that align with major industry architectures for 3U and 6U form factors, including the cooling techniques and ruggedization levels especially pertaining to MIL/AERO electronics.