IF Processing - Multi Processing Boards

Digital mobile communication systems infrastructure must constantly evolve to accommodate wider bandwidths and faster data conversion. Digital IF processing are the functional processing blocks that are being used in data conversion architecture to achieve faster data rates. Modern wireless base station systems are being benefited a lot with these high-speed converters, a lot more such converters are integrated with digital processing blocks to simplify FPGA’s functionality in the system design.

IF Processing

Our product offerings and features:

  • Modules with high Speed multi-channel A/D and D/A.
  • Modules with 10GigE, sFPDP or LVDS interfaces.
  • Modules are supported by PCIe / sRIO high speed bus.
  • Optional Multifunction Digital receiver IP core configured inside FPGA
  • Multifrequency Clock Synthesizers to drive multiple ADC & DAC modules.
  • Form factors supported are XMC, FMC, VPX form factors.
  • Boards available in Commercial, Air Cooled Rugged, Conduction Cooled variants.
  • Boards are supported with Windows, Linux & VxWorks BSPs.