Ground & Shipborne Telemetry


Ground Telemetry

Telemetry data reception, data recording and data distribution are handled by Ground telemetry based on Network Telemetry solutions. Tracking antennas are deployed for fixed, mobile or naval tracking of all type of target like aircraft space launchers, missile, un-manned Aerial Vehicle(UAV), ground vehicle etc., Telemetry receivers are used for microwave reception quality and different demodulations that are performing digitally and post processing functions which simplifies the telemetry data processing and analysis. The ground recorders are deployed to record, in real time, IF signal, telemetry signal and to perform post-flight replay.

Shipborne Telemetry

Launch vehicle telemetry tracking and command requires Ship Borne Transportable Antenna Terminals. Deep Space Missions are supported by many ground stations to provide Telemetry, Tracking and Command(TTC) support during the launch and initial phase, but many a time, the TTC stations are to be positioned in the mid sea wherein the conventional Ground Station Antenna will not be suitable, such as based on visibility requirement and the launch vehicle trajectory. The ship-borne mobile station for launcher telemetry application employs an additional sensor, such as the gyrocompass, which provides the information about heading direction and ship motion.

Our offerings

  • Air -Ground Telemetry & Data Tracking
  • L to Ku band Antennas
  • Single/Dual/Three Axis Portable & Fixed Antenna from sizes 1.8 M to 11M
  • Single/Dual/Quad channel L, S & C band Receivers
  • Recorders & Reproducers
  • Decommutation Systems
  • Telemetry Check-Out Systems
  • Ship-borne Antenna with Gyro-Stabilization