Graphics and Video Processing

Embedded graphics-processing units (GPUs) generate video and graphics and can also perform general purpose computing. GPUs can be used in wide-area surveillance, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) system with multiple operators and radar or sonar processing. Displays used in defense industry require higher-resolution and faster processing catering to complex missions. Ground vehicles, airborne and shipborne systems ask for high-end GPU which can perform sensor fusion, drive multiple displays using multiple video standards, with different resolutions and formats, all with importance to SWAP and thermal management.

GPUs that Trident Infosol offer have all these features combined, which makes it apt for many army, avionics, naval, military, UAV, ISR and other military surveillance applications.


Our product offerings and features:

  • Extensive range of embedded video processing modules, including video capture, compression,and graphics output
  • GPGPU, Capable High-Performance Graphics XMC & VPX Solutions
  • High-Speed PCIe Interface
  • Frame Grabber with H.264 Compression
  • Independent Video Capture with up to 4 Video Inputs
  • Underlay & Overlay Supported
  • Embedded OpenGL ES & SC Graphics Drivers
  • OpenCL Supported on Select Products