Single Board Computers - Freescale - 8640D / QorIQ

Single Board Computers(SBCs) are built on a single computer board with all necessary components, which offer a ready-to use platform to develop an embedded product. The CPU and I/O sections are also integrated on a single board. This application ready platform significantly reduces the cost and development time. Standard computer form factors meant for use in backplane enclosure such as CompactPCI, PXI, VMEbus, VXI, and PICMG are used by Single board computers. The smaller size of single board computers allows them to be embedded in devices with limited space. Single board computers are efficient, saves power and are reliable in harsh environmental conditions.


Our product offerings and features:

Freescale - 8640D / QorIQ
  • Power PC’s: Single or Dual Processor SBCs
  • XP QorIQ P-Series & T-Series, MPC8640D Multi-Core Processors (AMP, SMP)
  • GbE, Serial, on-board Flash, GPIOs, PMC/XMC Expansion Sites
  • Commercial, Rugged Air Cooled, & Conduction Cooled Build Grades
  • Platforms: cPCI, VME, OpenVPX
  • Low Power High-Performance CPU Configuration option
  • Flexible user IO Routing-Flex IO-Option