FPGA Processing - Multi Processing Boards

Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) processing cards address a range of latency-critical applications like signals intelligence, network monitoring and security, encryption/decryption, real time image processing etc. FPGAs have advantages such as their chips are hardware implementation of algorithms and hardware is usually faster than software. With power, speed and flexibility, these FPGA modules are ideal solutions for high-end RF signal acquisition, SDR, and DSP requirements.

FPGA Processing

Our product offerings and features:

  • Cards with latest Xilinx and Altera based FPGA/SoC with ARM control processor
  • Modularity of FPGA cards offers different I/O module options
  • OpenCL supported FPGA cards. OpenCL enables users to write programs that execute across system including CPUs, GPUs, DSPs, and FPGAs
  • Form factors supported are VPX, XMC, cPCI, PCIe form factors
  • Boards available in Commercial, Air-cooled Rugged, Conduction-cooled variants
  • Optimized Signal, Data, & Image libraries for the on-board Processor
  • Boards are supported with Windows, Linux & VxWorks BSPs