Gigabit Ethernet Switches

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Rugged Tablets

Our Product Offerings and Features:

  • 08/12/16/24 - Configurable Ports
  • Layer 2 and Layer 3 Support
  • Fully Managed or Light Managed
  • Fast, Gigabit, 10GbE & 40GbE switches and IP routers
  • Option for Copper or Fibre ports
  • IPv4 & IPv6, QoS, VLAN, Auto-Negotiation Support
  • TCP offload engine (TOE processor), Traffic filtering
  • Switch Management by on-board Freescale Processor & Embedded OS
  • Communications networks which are secure, reliable, high-speed and highly available for intelligence operations are vital for defense forces to make informed decisions. Ruggedized Ethernet switches provide reliable IP connectivity for military on-board vehicle and aircraft communications and are engineered to meet the harsh conditions in which military on-board vehicle networks operate. Our industry leading IP networking solutions equip our customers to build robust in-vehicle and military LAN switching and WAN routing through Rugged Gigabit Ethernet Switching and Routing equipment with thousands of units fielded in multiple military and commercial aircraft and ground vehicles.

    Trident Infosol Gigabit Ethernet switches can be deployed in a variety of military networking applications including:

  • Military computers
  • Aircraft communications systems
  • Communications unit interface in armored vehicles
  • Battle management systems
  • Military-grade USB matrices
  • Inflight Ethernet data communications
  • Media converters
  • Missile Planning Units (MPU)
  • GE data distribution for land and air vehicles
  • Tank communications systems
  • Video distribution for aircraft
  • Visual Imaging Modules (VIM)