DoubleCheck Debugger

Time Debugger

While other source code analyzers run as separate tools, DoubleCheck is an integrated static analyzer, built into the Green Hills C/C++ compiler. DoubleCheck leverages accurate and efficient analysis algorithms that have been tuned and field-proven. DoubleCheck can be used as a single integrated tool to perform compilation and defect analysis in the same pass. Many software development organizations employ an internal coding standard which governs programming practices to help ensure quality, maintainability, and reliability. DoubleCheck can automate the enforcement of these coding standards.

DoubleCheck reduces development cost by enabling engineers to detect and resolve problems more efficiently and earlier in the development cycle. By reducing development time, products reach market faster and stay in market longer, translating into higher sales and profits. By increasing product quality, DoubleCheck reduces post-sales costs such as product failures, recalls, and in-field maintenance.