Digital Signal Processing - Multi Processing Boards

Digital Signal Processing is a mechanism which converts signals from real world sources in analog from into digital data that can be analyzes thereafter. Digital signal processing applications are finding widespread use in the advance computer technology era. High-performance digital signal processing (DSP) is the root for Radar, secure communications, and electronic warfare, there is a constant need for designing systems with lower power, higher speed and less. Floating-point DSPs are deemed to be apt for processing dynamic, broad-ranging signals where designers cannot always predict signal parameters. Most of the military applications in radar, sonar, and mine detection use floating point technology because of its ability to solve high-end computational problems with dynamic signal parameters.


Our product offerings and features:

  • PowerPC’s like MPC8640D, QorIQ T4240 (12 cores)
  • Intel Core i7 & Server Grade Xeon Processors
  • GPGPU Solution based Boards based on AMD or NVIDIA
  • Boards based on TI Floating point multiprocessing C66x DSPs
  • sRIO/PCIe/10GigE based OpenVPX switch supporting upto 18payloads
  • Form factors supported are VPX, VME/VXS
  • Boards available in Commercial, Air-cooled Rugged, Conduction-cooled variants
  • Optimized Signal, Data, & Image libraries for the on-board Processor
  • Boards are supported with Linux & VxWorks BSPs