Control and Analysis

Control and Analysis

We offer a complete range of sensor processing subsystem commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) signals processing Products for Defense & Aerospace market. Products include rugged board-level modules and tactical subsystem designed for airborne, shipboard, vehicle mounted and ground based platforms. We now offer a product set that spans the entire ISR sensor processing chain, from acquisition, digitization, processing, store/record & display.

Airborne Telemetry

Airborne Telemetry

  • Network Telemetry
  • INET - Ready Telemetry Architectures
  • Missile & Launcher Telemetry
  • Modular Data Acquisiton Units
  • Data Collection and Transission
  • Data & Video Recorders(FTI)
  • Satcom Airbone Terminal
  • Flight Termination Devices
  • Mission Recorders
  • TM Transmitters
Ground & shipbrone Telemetry

Ground & Shipborne Telemetry

  • Air -Ground Telemetry & Data Tracking
  • L to Ku band Antennas
  • Single/Dual/Three Axis Portable & Fixed Antenna from sizes 1.8 M to 11M
  • Single/Dual/Quad channel L,S & C band Receivers
  • Recorders & Reproducers
  • Decommutation Systems
  • Telemetry Check-Out Systems
  • Ship-borne Antenna with Gyro-Stabilization
Electro Optic Tracking Systems

Electro Optic Tracking Systems

These systems are used in Optically tracking missiles and projectiles for displaying and recording TSPI (Time-Space-Position Information) data for engineering analysis of flight trajectories and provide visual presentation of the mission. It provides solutions for the capture of 3D data of the flight path of a projectile/article in real time. It also includes an integrated motion analysis capability for 6DOF (six degrees of freedom) post mission image processing. The options includes integrated continuous wave Doppler radar, choice of payloads (cameras) like High speed IR, High speed camera, HD camera, Visible camera etc.

The tracking mount is optimized for close-in tracking of high-dynamic projectile/article targets near the launch or termination stage of an event. Its compact design is ideally suited for sensors and optics best suited for capture of high- resolution images for Engineering Sequential Data (ESD) missions. The systems have the necessary accuracy, payload capacity and dynamic performance to be member of a larger Optical Tracking network, gathering high-accuracy TSPI data.

SATCOM & Data Links and Space

SATCOM & Data Links and Space

  • Space Application Ground Equipment
  • TT&C and Ranging
  • Deep-space Tracking
  • Remote Sensing
  • Satellite Tracking Ground Station
  • Earth Observation
  • X and S+X Antennas
  • Fixed & Mobile Systems
  • Multi - Mission Operations
  • Geo-location Solutions
  • Satcom Antennas for Armored Vehicles
  • Ship-borne satcom with gyro-stabilization
  • Satcom Ground Terminal
  • Line of Sight Data Links
Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

  • Hexapod Compact Station
  • Quick Deployable Mobile Station
  • Large Sized Dual axis antenna with radome
  • Tactical Ground Station
  • Satellite Interference Reduction Systems
  • Muzzle Velocity Radar
Rugged UPS Systems

Rugged UPS Systems

  • Military & Industrial Rugged on-line UPS
  • Double Conversion Isolated Technology
  • Upto 20 KW and More
  • 19" rack mountable or IP 65/68 rated models
  • Extendd Temperature of -40C to +75C
  • Single Phase & Three phase
  • AC/DC outputs
  • Sealed to IP65-68 standards
  • MIL-Standards
  • Stackable / Hot Swappable / Fixed / Separate battery
  • Redundancy Option
  • Light Weight Lithium Polymer Battery
  • Extensive Communication & Remote Control
  • Complete Intuitive Front Panel Display

PowergridM from AJPS is comprised of a set of modular common power components that can be configured and re-configured to meet the requirements of nearly any mobile, deployable, or harsh environment application. The PowerGridM design utilizes the latest advancements in power management technologies to dramatically enhance the operational flexibility and performance of deployed systems to include advanced computer controlled inverters, auto sensing and switching AC/DC input power controls, advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery technology, Ethernet-based SNMP status monitoring, and global AC/DC power input capabilities.

Solid State Power Controllers

Solid State Power Controllers

  • Compact Multichannel SSPC Module
  • From 1 to 20 Independent load Channels
  • From 2.5 to 500 amp per channel
  • Remote Control over independent channels through LAN/Rs232/422/CAN i2C bus
  • MIL-Standard and Extended Temperatures
  • Replacement for Contactors / MCB / Fuses / Relays
Rugged UP/DOWN Power Converters

Rugged UP/DOWN Power Converters

  • High Current Dc-Dc Converters(upto 540V)& Power output upto 10KW
  • Wide Input Voltage Range
  • High Efficiency
  • Small footprint & Low Weight
  • Extended Temperature Operation
Rugged power Distribution System & Rectifiers

Rugged power Distribution System & Rectifiers

  • On-Board Rugged AC/DC Power Distribution Units
  • High Power / High Current Distribution
  • MMI Interface
  • MIL810F/RTCO DO160F/IP68 Qualified Units
  • 3-Phase AC input
  • 540 / 320 / 48 / 28V DC Output
  • High Efficiency and low ripple solution
  • Extended Temp Operation

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