AUTOSAR - Builder & Simulation

AUTOSAR Builder is a powerful, flexible and open authoring and simulation toolset that enables the rapid modeling, definition, simulation and deployment of embedded systems to automotive electronic control units. The AUTOSAR standard serves as a platform for implementing embedded systems in a way that greatly simplifies their development and reuse. By decoupling the development of the embedded application from how it is physically implemented on the target Electronic Control Unit (ECU) accelerates the embedded systems development process while also enabling reuse.Open and extensible Eclipse-based tool suite for the design and development of AUTOSAR-compliant systems and software.


Enables the rapid production of standard descriptions and information based on the AUTOSAR methodology and standard. AUTOSAR Builder delivers a set of dedicated development environments that fully supports the different AUTOSAR development process roles and needed to support the development of the most complex embedded systems.

Key Advantages

  • Fast and easy integration with your existing Systems Engineering development processes
  • Enables import of model-based design legacy descriptions and generation of AUTOSAR compliant code
  • Addresses the different phases of the AUTOSAR development process
  • Easy integration with 3rd party tools to support interoperability between established modeling languages and code generation tools
  • Facilitates the early verification of embedded systems
  • Open, extensible and customizable solution based on Artop (