AirBorne Telemetry


For gathering critical information and process it on-board spacecrafts, aircrafts, projectiles and UAVs Airborne telemetry systems are used. Trident Infosol provides airborne telemetry solutions that support a variety of video, data and command & control link needs. The solutions are built to function in the most severe operating conditions of defense and aerospace applications. The equipment’s records the data, transmits it to receiving stations and then processes and displays it for technicians on the ground for analysis.

Our offerings

  • Network Telemetry
  • INET - Ready Telemetry Architectures
  • Missile & Launcher Telemetry
  • Modular Data Acquisiton Units
  • Data Collection and Transission
  • Data & Video Recorders(FTI)
  • Satcom Airbone Terminal
  • Flight Termination Devices
  • Mission Recorders
  • TM Transmitters