AdaMULTI IDE is the industry-leading debug and development tools for Ada developers. AdaMULTI automates all aspects of embedded, safety-critical software development.

AdaMULTI features Ada and C/C++ compilers, a source-level symbolic debugger, and an automated program Builder. AdaMULTI also provides a version control system, the EventAnalyzer, a code performance and coverage profiler, a source code navigation and cross reference browser, a language sensitive editor, dependency and call graph displays, a processor-specific/INTEGRITY-178B simulator, and unit test tools. AdaMULTI also provides the embedded industry's most robust and comprehensive set of debugger-to-processor connectivity options including: serial, ethernet, In-Circuit-Emulators, processor probes, and JTAG/BDM interfaces.


AdaMULTI contains a true Ada and C++ development environment with Ada and C++ support seamlessly integrated at every level. AdaMULTI's source-level debugger:

  • Evaluates both Ada and C++ expressions
  • Understands both Ada package and C++ namespace resolution, overloaded function resolution, copy constructors, and coercion operators
  • Automotically mangles/demangles Ada and C++ names